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If a person dies from an illness, more than likely he/she has been in contact with their local GP, making it straight forward for the issue of a Death Cert.


This can be a more distresssing time for your family. If your loved one has died within 28 days of seeing thier GP you should contact your GP for their death cert. If they haven't seen their GP within 28 days of their death, you should ring the ambulance service to confirm the person has passed away. If so, the family needs to contact the Gardai.

If you want, you can call Porter Funeral Directors and we will advise you.


Post Mortems will take place in the hospital. At this stage you can contact Porter Funeral Directors and the planning of the funeral can proceed.


This is slightly more straight forward, as when the person dies the doctor on duty will confirm the death. If not there will be a delay and your Funeral Director can liaise with the hospital on your behalf and keep you informed of the situation.


Your Funeral Director can organise the appropiate paperwork if your from another country and wish to return home eg Death Cert, Out of State papers and dealing with various embassies.

If returning to Ireland, your Funeral Director can contact the Funeral Director in the other country to organise flights to have the deceased returned home as soon as possible.


Your Funeral Director can also organise cremation for the deceased, and the ashes can be kept or buried in the family plot.


Grief occurs in everyones life at some stage. The death of a parent, partner or a child can cause heartbreaking emotional pain. Knowing how to cope and deal with breavement of a loved one is important to help avoid depression or deeper psychological damage. There are a variety of services available in the Buncrana and Inishowen area to help with your bereavement which Porter Funeral Director's can put you in contact with.

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