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About Porter Funeral Directors

Porter's continues to evolve as a strong professional funeral service; sophisticated, professional and modern. We are dedicated to providing a high quality of service and the commitment to maintain such high standards.Together with our experienced, professional and fully-trained personnel, we ensure that bereaved families receive the most compassionate, dignified and caring service for their loved ones.

Our Facilities


Porter Funeral Directors have a funeral home based in Buncrana, while continuing to offer services throughout the whole NorthWest.

As an option we offer the use of a lowering device to lower your loved one into their final resting place. This eliminates the need for ropes to lower the coffin. It is a very peacful and loving service. We aim to make your loss as painless as possible

Our Staff


Porter's is a family run service by two brothers Stephen and John. The brothers started the venture together to provide their local community a trusting, professional service. Stephen and John each with a family of their own know how important it is to have a professionable and reliable service in your time of need. Call them today for any questions you may have and they will be happy to help.

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